The actress emphasized she does not want to reconcile with her sister Thalía or her mother Yolanda Miranda

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 04, 2008
Thalia y Laura Zapata

The fight between Laura Zapata and Thalía is far from over. This time the singer's half sister clarified she has no interest in reconciling with her or their mother Yolanda Miranda. Zapata also argued she has no reason to envy Thalía.

“Why does Thalía think everyone envies her? What am I supposed to envy: her small waist or her husband? When people base their lives on what they own, well they feel very envied,” the 51-year-old actress told a Mexican magazine. Zapata added that even though they have grown distant, she feels no anger or resentment.

“Poor things! They are divine and precious, but the only reason they want to meet with me is to keep giving me gag orders. All I have to say is: let it go. Forget about me, I mean bye,” Zapata added. The actress became even more upset last month when Tommy Mottola's wife stated on her radio show that Zapata had a heart of stone for not wanting to get closer to her and her mother.

Zapata and her family grew distant in 2006, after her half sister Ernestina Sodi published a book narrating the experience of being kidnapped along with Zapata in Mexico City. In the book, Ernestina claimed Zapata knew the kidnappers and niether Thalía nor her mother Yolanda came to Zapata's defense.