confirmed that the singer didn't get married, nor is she in Miami, as reported
Laura Pausini
Credit: Daniela Federici

Rumors that Laura Pausini and her guitarist, Paolo Carta, were married in a secret ceremony in Miami on June 6th are false.

So confirmed her publicist, Christopher Dalston, to “Laura is in Rome right now and no, she didn't get married.”

The singer, who turned 33 on May 16th, told Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero on April 20th that “I hope to fulfill some dreams, which are to get married and have a family; but that won't happen soon because my boyfriend was married once, and in Italy, you must wait three years to be able to get married again.”

Paolo Carta has been divorced for a year, and under Italian law, a civil marriage can't take place for another two years.

Laura sang in a June 2nd concert in Milan, Italy, with Paolo as one of her backing musicians.