The peruvian TV personality claims that Bayly is campaigning against her as revenge for being fired from Telemundo

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 04, 2008
Laura Bozzo
Credit: Telemundo

Laura Bozzo has lost her patience with her compatriot Jaime Bayly. The Peruvian TV hostess recently announced she will file a lawsuit against Bayly in the United States because she is tired of him using his show El francotirador to insult and ridicule her.

“What he is doing is campaigning against me as revenge for being fired from Telemundo. Although I have nothing against Jaime Bayly even after everything that has happened, I want to clear this up and I will take the case to court,” the 56-year-old TV hostess told Mexican news agency Notimex.

Over the past few months, the author of No se lo digas a nadie has been using his TV show, which airs on the Peruvian network Frecuencia Latina, to criticize Bozzo for exploiting the image of the abused minors who appear as guests on her show. He also accused Bozzo of making up a few of the “real life” stories she presented on her talk show.

Moreover, Bayly asked the Peruvian prosecutor's office to investigate the former Telemundo hostess, who was under house arrest for allegedly being linked to the mafia led by Peru's former presidential advisor Vladimiro Montesinos. Bayly also asked that the minors who attended Bozzo's show be indemnified.