The film has the highest-grossing opening for a Spanish-language movie in that country
Ladron Que Roba a Ladron

Fernando Colunga, Miguel Varoni, Ivonne Montero, Gabriel Soto and Saúl Lisazo are starting off on the right foot in the United States. They star in Ladrón que roba a ladrón (A Thief Who Steals from a Thief), which set a record in the country as the first film in Spanish to gross more than two million dollars on its opening weekend.

The film, which was released in 340 theaters across the country, beat out La mujer de mi hermano (My Brother's Woman), which previously held the record as the highest-grossing film in Spanish after its April 2006 opening that earned one million dollars and was released in 205 theaters.

“Our most hopeful expectation was two million dollars, and it's made a bit more than that,” the film's producer Jim McNamara said, after pointing out that the film cost less than three million dollars to make. “Our main market is the Latin market in the United States…It's basically the only place in the world where you can organically have two Mexicans, three Argentineans, two Chicanos, one Venezuelan…That mix is a reflection of what you could find in any city in the United States,” he added in an attempt to explain the film's success.

The film, directed by Joe Menéndez and written by JoJo Henrickson, tells the story of two people who try to rob an unscrupulous guru of the health-product infomercials he uses to swindle poor Latino immigrants and make his fortune.