The superstar saxophone player is promoting his new Latin-music album, which features duets with Camila and Bárbara Muñoz

Por Ernesto Sánchez and Laura Kusnyer / NYC
Updated Febrero 06, 2008
Kenny G
Credit: ID-PR

You can make fun of his long locks all you want, but the fact is Kenny G is here to stay. And after selling a whopping 33 million albums throughout his career, the saxophone player is adding some new flair to his repertoire with his new Latin-inspired album Rhythm & Romance.

The disc combines the 51-year-old musician's typical rich and romantic jazz sound with Latin rhythms. In addition to original material, you'll find traditional songs like “Bésame mucho” and “Sabor a mi” on the album. And as a special treat, Mexican group Camila and Chilean singer Bárbara Muñoz contribute vocals on two separate tracks.

What motivated you to make an album of Latin-inspired music?
I wanted to see if my romantic saxophone could combine with Latin rhythms. I am very happy with the result.

What do you want listeners to feel when they hear the music on “Rhythm & Romance”?
I hope that they feel both the romance and the rhythm, and that they can tell that I put my heart into this music.

Do you feel a special connection with the Latino community in the United States?
After recording this music with some of the world's best Latino musicians, I feel much more of a connection to the Latino community.

What was it like working with Camila?
They are super super talented. I hope we can perform this song together live on stage.

How old were you when you first picked up a saxophone? How did you learn how to play?
I was 10 years old and I just practiced listening to records and trying to learn from the great saxophone players of jazz. I just practiced for hours and hours every day. I still do!

When you first started playing, did you ever think you'd reach this level of stardom?
I never thought about it. I just wanted to become a great saxophone player. That is want motivated me to keep on playing and that is what motivates me today.

Who do you want to listen to this album? Will it be promoted in México as well?
I think everyone can enjoy this album. Because Latin music is so wonderful, and combining it with my melodies I think makes it something that can appeal to many people. I just hope that everyone enjoys the music as they listen to it as much as I did recording it.