Rumors have been flying about a relationship between the Matrix star and the Mexican actress after they were spotted dining at a Beverly Hills hotel... but we got to the bottom of it
Keanu Reeves y Martha Higareda

Last weekend, Keanu Reeves and Martha Higareda were photographed together at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles.

Reeves, the main character of the Matrix, 42, didn't flinch when a paparazzo caught him on film with the 23-year-old Mexican actress.

In fact, there was no reason to do so, because found out that the link between the two is nothing more than a working relationship.

Some photo agencies, Keanu Reeves blogs and celebrity sites were reporting that the two are allegedly an item, emphasizing the age difference.

“It's absolutely false that they're having a relationship. It was the first time they'd met, and it was because they will be working together,” Reeves' publicist, Cheryl Maisel told us.

Higareda is a celeb in Mexico for her roles in movies such as Niñas Mal and Amar Te Duele, and in novelas on the Azteca América.