Por Alexander Mabry
Updated Junio 14, 2013
Kat Dahlia

For Kat Dahlia, performing at Festival People en Español in San Antonio means “connecting to a broad audience, to an entire Latin culture, spreading the music, the love and the message.”

The 22-year-old Cuban-American singer knew at a very young age that music was her thing. “I was given this feeling to sing, make music, write, be creative. It's something within the spirit.”

She finds the material to create her music within vital experiences. “I wrote Gangsta while I was sitting at the bar of a restaurant I was working at, venting about the current situations in my life,” Dahlia recalls, adding “Mirror is something I wrote with Frankie Storm and Meleni Smith. We started thinking about life, universal love, and ended up writing about how similar and connected we all are.”

Raised by her Cuban parents in Miami Beach, Kat Dahlia sings both in English and Spanish. “I love both. For me Spanish is more of a romantic language. Singing things that are really felt and dramatic can translate so beautifully in Spanish,” she says.

Kat is also working on a Spanish album, which will be released sometime in September and will feature new songs, as well as translations of some of her songs in English.

Festival People en Español in San Antonio will be the perfect occasion to enjoy this unique talent. In the meantime, Kat Dhalia will be performing live at the MTV O Awards on June 19. For those interested in watching her live streaming, go to the instructions on her official website, Facebook or Twitter.