See the video for her new single "¿Qué nos pasó?" and read our exclusive interview with the singer who says she's got staying power

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Updated Noviembre 16, 2007
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Listening to Kany García's new album Cualquier día is an experience, to say the least. The CD's rich melodies provide the perfect backdrop for the Puerto Rican singer's honest lyrics about love, sex, loneliness and social issues.

Her first single “Hoy ya me voy” topped the Mexican pop music charts, and the singer, 25, was recently chosen by Venezuelan artist Franco DeVita to join him on tour, making stops in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Her latest single “¿Qué nos pasó?” is taking radio stations by storm, and we've got it here.

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During the early stages of her music career, the artist tested her luck by participating in the first edition of reality TV singing competition Objetivo fama. Then the unthinkable happened: García fell asleep at the wheel while driving home after doing the first show, an accident that nearly took her life. But even though she fractured her pelvis and clavicle and seriously wounded her face, the singer isn't suffering from a broken spirit, and her goals in music remain intact.

García spoke exclusively with

What song do you identify the most with on the album?
“¿Qué nos pasó?” because it shows the human side of the disc. It's a song with a social tone and talks from my point of view of how we've lost certain values and forgotten what's truly important in life. Melodically it's very beautiful and super-commercial, but at the same time it has a strong message and says a lot about how I see things.

Your lyrics are strong and direct, but still beautiful. What's your inspiration?
I write about things that happen to me or happen to other people and they tell me about it. I'm an impulsive person. I don't plan what I'm going to write. As soon as someone tells me something and I think it's a good story to write, I wait for the moment when I'm driven to do it and, with the story already in mind, I sit down and I create the melody and lyrics at the same time. I take two or three hours to put everything together, but it comes out of me impulsively.

Who would you like to do a duet with?
I really like [Ricardo] Arjona; he's someone [whose music] I love…He's really familiar with my project, and I hope to be able to do something with him in the future.

What artist has inspired you?
I've never been crazy about just one artist. I've always listened to everything. I think that's what allows you to make music using different concepts. I've always admired artists who in addition to singing, have a social agenda, like in the case of Franco [DeVita]. Also, someone who inspires me a lot is Juan Luis Guerra, who I love because he's done a lot of social things in his country. I also admire Shakira and Ricky Martin for what they've done.

What should we expect from your first album?
With this CD, people are going to see that I'm not a singer who's here to make just one CD. I'm not an artist who's been created as some concept. I've got something to offer on top of my vocal talents, I try to send a message with each of my songs. And whoever's listens to this CD is going to realize that.

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