The actress will write a tell-all book about her romantic and sexual experiences
Niurka Marcos
Credit: JPI Studios

The highly controversial actress is revealing yet another facet of her colorful personality – Niurka Marcos, author. The Cuban born bombshell, 39, already known for her candid attitude about love and sex is writing a tell-all book, where she promises tips on how to enjoy sex to the fullest and a no holds barred exposé of her love life.

“It's a book that I have been asked to write by my female friends and women who constantly approach me and ask, ‘how have you managed to come out ahead in the midst of so many problems?' And you can read my responses in the book”, she told the Mexican press. “But let me clarify that it isn't just about sex: I touch on many subjects, from my career path to my divorces and all of the third parties involved, about how I came out virtually unscathed from all the wickedness I've had to face and it's also about relationship strategies”, she added.

Marcos has asked that the book be published in her own words and in her own language and without the assistance of a literary editor. “It will be written as I feel it, in the manner in which I think and in my own speaking style”, she explained.