The former OV7 member's dad suffered a fatal blow from falling down the stairs

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 12, 2008

After spending weeks in the hospital, the father of Mexican singer Kalimba passed away from injuries resulting from a fall down the stairs.

According to Mexican website Quié, Pablo Marichal had been living in extreme poverty in a room on the roof of a building in Mexico City.

“He was on the ground and had hit his head [after falling down the stairs], and he told me: ‘Get my cell phone and call my family,'” Marichal's neighbor told the program La oreja (Televisa).

Marichal was hospitalized for weeks, but he passed away Tuesday morning.

In previous statements to the press, the former OV7 member, 25, expressed that his family – especially his parents – instilled in her a love for music.