The Mexican gushes about his daughter Aitama, who's 22 days old

By People Staff
Updated August 15, 2008

These days, singer Kalimba is focused on his daughter Aitama who, in his words, has completely bewitched him.

“I'm great, thanks to God, and very happy, enjoying my life. Having a baby is always a blessing, so I feel blessed,” said the 26-year-old singer on Televisa Espectáculos.

“She looks like the both of us, but she's only 22 days old. She actually looks like everyone–grandparents, aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins. But she already has some of my traits, and of course those of her mother Luz as well,” added the “Tocando fondo” singer, explaining that although he hasn't married the mother of his daughter, they share a very beautiful relationship.

“We're taking our time to think about that. We're happy right now, and concentrating on the baby, and if we decide we want to marry, that'll be great too.”