Sergio Gómez was supposedly strangled to death after being kidnapped

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 03, 2007
Sergio Gomez de K-Paz de la Sierra

The body of Sergio Gómez, lead singer of the Mexican-American group K-Paz de la Sierra, was found yesterday evening in the Chiqimitío, area, 6.25 miles north of the Mexican state. The deceased was supposedly strangled to death.

Gómez and two other men were allegedly kidnapped late Saturday night after a performance in Morelia, Michoacán, in Mexico.

According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, word of the crime got out when the group was late for their following concert in Puerto Vallarta. Reports inform that on the night of the kidnapping, the band members left the venue in three separate SUVs when the pursuit began. When the kidnappers realized that Gómez wasn't in the first car, they went after the other two vehicles.

It was revealed Monday that the two other men have been set free, which would mean that Gómez was left alone with the kidnappers. Prior to the concert, Gómez had received some threatening phone calls, but he decided to perform with his group anyways.

The band members were planning on giving a press conference to promote their new album, Capaz de todo por ti…, but it was cancelled because of the incident.