Both singers performed songs critical of police brutality in Puerto Rico
Julio Voltio y Rene Perez Joglar
Credit: GETTY IMAGES (2)

Julio Voltio and René Pérez-Joglar, better known as Residente have voiced their protest against what they consider the excessive force used the Puerto Rican police. It was triggered by a tragic event last week in the island where an individual was shot by a policeman.

Residente, 29, taped “Tributo a la policía” (A tribute to the Police), which was distributed free to some 2,000 people in Puerto Rico. Voltio, 30, composed “En lo claro” (It's clear), a song expressing his rejection of the abuse of power. “Not all cops abuse their badge and right to bear arms, but this is too much… what the song underscores is that I recognize Police Superintendent Toledo's goal of cleaning the streets, but he has to clean his house first,” said the singer.

Both Residente and Voltio say they've experienced police brutality. The singer of “Atrévete-te-te” lost a friend and Voltio was arrested in 2005 for allegedly selling controlled substances, he claims he was framed.