The singer says women have the right to make decisions about their body

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 11, 2007
Getty Images

Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, who is doing a South America tour, spoke on behalf of the legalization of abortion in her country, saying she thinks women have a right to decide what happens with their own body. Currently, abortions are only allowed by law in Mexico City.

“I totally agree that abortion should be decriminalized, because it is a health issue. Women have a right to make choices about their own life.. [Legalizing abortion] is a big step,” the singer of “Limón y Sal” told the Notimex news agency.

Venegas, 36, also said that it was “fabulous” that thousands of people would take off their clothes last weekend in El Zócalo in Mexico City to pose for photographer Spencer Tunick.

“It seems like people want to come out, let off steam, loosen up. I love the idea of our conservative Mexican society starting to open up a bit,” she said, but added that she, herself, would never undress in public.