June 11, 2008 04:00 PM

Juanes’s in-laws were given quite a fright this past weekend when three assailants trespassed their property in Cartagena, Colombia, and stole $6,000 in cash and jewelry, along with a laptop and other valuables, according to various Colombian media sources.

The authorities announced that the robbers entered the residence of actress and model Karen Martínez’s, parents late in the evening with guns, and locked four members of family in a room before stealing the family’s car.

“The three perpetrators have been identified thanks to fingerprints found both in the house and in the family’s car, which was recovered after being abandoned, “said commander Colonel Carlos Ramiro Bravo Mena of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police, who is currently investigating if there is an accomplice who might live within the residential complex where the Colombian singer’s in-laws live.

Police said that neither Karen nor her parents suffered any wounds from the assault, and assured that in the next few hours those that have been identified and held responsible will be captures and have to pay for what they did.

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