The Colombian singer debuted his album in New York only yesterday, but his first single has already sold six million copies online

Colombian singer Juanes broke a record in what seems like the blink of an eye. In just one month, six million copies of the single “Me enamora,” a track from his new album La vida…es un ratico, have been sold online, which makes him the first Latin artist to accomplish such a feat.

The news was announced yesterday during a New York press conference where the artist presented his latest musical production to the world. The album will hit stores today in 77 countries simultaneously. “Music distribution channels are changing, it's nothing new, it started happening 10 years ago, but now we're really starting to see it,” the 34-year-old singer said.

Also, the video for the single got more than a million hits on in only four weeks.

After the press conference, the Latin rocker delighted his New York fans with a private concert at the Fillmore Theater, where he sang the new single and other tracks from the new album.