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August 06, 2007 10:55 AM

Following the success of Mi Sangre, which sold 4 million CD’s worldwide along with his more than 170 live performances, Juanes is completing his newest album entitled La Vida…es un Ratico.

The CD’s first single, “Me enamora,” will be released worldwide on September 4th. Juanes, 34 has come up with a rock fusion production, combining guitar with keyboard along with ’70’s pop influences. People at Universal Records, his label, have indicated that the CD will include pop melodies mixed in with Colombian popular rhythms, reinforcing the artist’s personal style.

In this new venture, the singer of “La camisa negra” will address personal relationships, love and even social issues. Juanes wrote and composed the lyrics and the music of the entire production. The CD includes duets with Argentinean rocker Andrés Calamaro and German singer Campino.

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