The Argentinean actor wants no more kids and assures he'll never separate from his wife
Juan Soler
Credit: Televisa

Even though he doesn't have a son, Juan Soler is sure that his three daughters are more than enough. The actor explained that he doesn't want any more children, which is the reason behind his vasectomy.

In statements for the program La oreja (Televisa), the actor, 41, expressed that he and his wife, Argentinean actress Maki, 33, “already have our two babies, Mía and Azul, and my first daughter Valentina, who is 16 and lives in Argentina. That's enough for us.”

According to Soler, he doesn't feel incomplete as a man for not having a son. “In life, you can't look backwards, you have to look forward. If God sent me a pair of angels like Mía and Azul, it's so that I take care of them and think about them, not about what I don't have. In life, you have to think about what you have and not what you don't have, and that brings happiness. I'm not leaving anything unresolved, not even a little boy,” he said.

As for his wife, the star of La fea más bella assured that he would never separate from her. “If one day I become a widow – because I'm never going to leave her – I'll remain one, content, betting on life. Trusting in the life that I've always dreamed about, the life I have at the side of the beautiful woman that Maki is, and at the side of my little angels Mía and Azul. Envy me, because I have a dream life, it's the truth,” he added.