The victim's statement about the attack in Mexico City contradicts his aggressor's version

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 05, 2007

Journalist Fabián Lavalle “is recuperating” in the hospital, according to his sister, after being attacked in Mexico City on Oct. 31, an incident that left him tied up and bleeding in front of his hotel.

Both the TV host and his supposed aggressor, male prostitute Alfredo Cervantes Landa, have given their versions of the attack, but the stories don't match up.

In a statement for the Public Prosecutor's office, Lavalle, 57, said he was driving around early Wednesday morning and was stopped by Cervantes Landa, who invited him to a party where there would be girls.

According to the journalist, the alleged attacker got into the car and directed him to the Hotel Roma, where Lavalle had a drink that didn't sit well. Cervantes Landa asked him for payment before inviting the girls into the room, but Lavalle didn't have cash, which supposedly set off the attack.

Cervantes Landa gave a different story to police in Mexico City, saying that the Con todo (Galavisión) host hired him for sex but refused to pay after they had relations, which the prostitute claims was the motive behind the attack.

More information will be available this week after the verdict is revealed. If found guilty, Cervantes Landa will be denied the option of bail.