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September 26, 2016 09:27 PM

Early Sunday morning, Emilio Macias and Eddy Rivero were traveling with Marlins slugger Jose Fernandez on the his boat before it capsized off the shore of Miami Beach killing all three passengers.

According to information on social media, Macías was a financial advisor at Wells Fargo and had been living in Miami since 2010. Rivero loved to travel and recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with girlfriend Jen Peralta.

People en Español spoke to Will Bernal, who identified himself as a best friend of Rivero and who had also been invited to go out on the boat that evening but decided against it because he “had a bad gut feeling.” Bernal said that Eddy had texted him right before midnight alleging that Jose had called him after a fight with his girlfriend with whom he had recently announced that he was expecting a child.  “Eddy told me that him [Jose] and his girlfriend were having an argument,” said Bernal.

Bernal attempted to get Rivero to calm Jose down. “Whatever Jose is going through, just try to get him off the boat,” said Bernal.

Fernandez and his two friends got on the boat anyway and Bernal asked Rivero to send him his location via iPhone. The last place Bernal got a tracking location for the three passengers was at American Social, a restaurant and bar that provides a dock for boaters in downtown Miami.

In one of the chilling text messages between the two friends, Rivero wrote, “Trust me it’s not my time yet.” Bernal also shared that the one of last things his best friend told him was that he wanted him to know who he was with “in case something happens.”

While the investigation is still ongoing, Miami officials reported no indication of drugs or alcohol in the accident. 

Friends and families of Macías and Rivero have started a account to raise funds for their funerals. 

Eddy Rivero’s GoFundMe page and Emilio Macias’ GoFundMe page.

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