Noelia's boyfriend and manager denies that he profited from the singer's X-rated video
Jorge Reynoso y Noelia
Credit: NTX Fotos; Getty Images

Jorge Reynoso sent a press release to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL with his reaction to music exec Topy Mamery's claim that he was profiting from his girlfriend Noelia's sex video.

“All I can say to him is that it's really easy to start websites, put them in the name of a third party and pay with a credit card [or] gift card that they sell in hundreds of places,” the statement reads. “If they don't have legal proof or something similar, it's better not to get excited about anything. It's a crude and silly attempt.”

Yesterday, Yolandita Monge's husband met with the Puerto Rican media to expose Reynoso as the beneficiary of, a website that shows a picture of Noelia with the title “Original Version XXX,” and the subtitle “The New Queen of Porn.” For $4.99, users can see “Noelia on video naked and in action,” for an access period of five days, according to the newspaper Primera Hora.

In regards to the video's profits, Reynoso said they're in the process of taking over the more than 250 porn sites that have posted images of the singer. “Noelia has the right to claim the profits that this despicable act has generated,” he said.

Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Día reported that Mamery contracted a company of internet experts who determined that Reynoso's Los Angeles address was tracked as the beneficiary of the site, which was created on June 16, 2007 and will expire on the same day in 2009.

Reynoso hasn't said whether or not he will take legal action against Mamery.