Topy Mamery says his stepdaughter's boyfriend and manager is profiting from a website selling the singer's sex video
Jorge Reynoso y Noelia
Credit: NTX Fotos; Getty Images

Noelia's stepfather Topy Mamery met with the Puerto Rican media yesterday to expose Jorge Reynoso, his stepdaughter's manager and current boyfriend, as the beneficiary of a website circulating the singer's X-rated video. After supposedly investigating Reynoso for three months with the help of internet experts, the businessman claims to have proof of Reynoso's involvement.

“The result was scary. I believe it because I see it. Last night I was with our legal advisors because I wanted to be sure that what I was seeing was real, and we made sure that what we'd been saying was the truth. Noelia's companies didn't just harm her, but also put her family through the roughest four months of our lives,” the husband of Yolandita Monge stated.

On the website, a picture of Noelia appears with the title “Original Version XXX,” and the subtitle “The New Queen of Porn.” For $4.99, users can see “Noelia on video naked and in action,” for an access period of five days, according to newspaper Primera Hora.

Reports say that Reynoso's Los Angeles address was tracked as the beneficiary of the site, which was created on June 16, 2007 and will expire on the same day in 2009.

Mamery couldn't determine whether or not his stepdaughter or the singer Yamil – who appears in the video with Noelia – are involved with the scheme.

“Once the rumors started flying about our family, we started the investigation. We were keeping quiet, choosing our words so that we didn't offend Noelia because she's our daughter, and we love her. In the privacy of our own home we were trying to figure out who was profiting from the video,” Mamery added.