The Happening's star confesses that one of his biggest fears is that a democratic candidate won't make it to the White House

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 09, 2008
Getty Images

Like many of us, some celebrities are afraid of fire, or heights, or getting on an airplane, but John Leguizamo is afraid that Barack Obama, won't be the next president of the United Status.

“I would be terrified if Obama didn't win the election. That would be my biggest fear”, said the Colombian actor during a press conference in New York for the film The Happening, which comes out in theaters Friday.

The actor and producer of Paraíso Travel has been one of the most noteworthy latino figures in support of Obama, who has the chance to become the country's first African American president. Nearly two weeks ago, Leguizamo, 43, appeared in a video called Todos Podemos Con Obama with other stars such as Jessica Alba, Paulina Rubio and Don Omar, in which they endorse Obama as the best candidate who could benefit, not only Hispanics and the United States, but the world.