Singer Marc Anthony will be accompanied by his entire family on his trip to Venezuela, where he will give two concerts

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 03, 2008

The family that travels together stays together. That appears to be the philosophy of the Muñiz-López clan, who after the birth of their twins Max and Emme less than two months ago, are not allowing work commitments to keep them apart. P] Marc Anthony is scheduled to perform two concerts in Venezuela on April 4th and 5th, but he will not be visiting that country alone. The singer told the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal that he will be arriving with his wife Jennifer López, 38, and their twins by his side.

According to the publication, the 39-year-old singer has already submitted a list of demands for the trip. He is asking for a presidential suite in a five-star hotel, 10 additional rooms on the same floor and several cars at his disposal, as well as doctors in case of an emergency. As far as food is concerned, the singer has asked that all menus be discussed with and approved by his head of production person. For breakfast, Marc has requested pancakes, different types of bread, cereal and fruits. In addition to the main course at lunch and dinner, he also asked for additional snacks that include desserts, sodas, coffee and tea.