Besides charging this amount, the singer allegedly demands expensive furniture, black towels and crepes with caviar

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 24, 2008

Jennifer López would charge the hefty sum of one million dollars to perform at the awards show sponsored by the Russian television channel Muz TV, that will take place in Moscow; the Russian newspaper Komsomólskaya Pravda announced.

The paper also reported that the 38-year-old singer would not be traveling alone, but in the company of her husband, Marc Anthony, 39, and her two-months old twins, Max and Emme. The entire family plans to stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, along with a crew of 25 people that includes musicians and babysitters. López also requested light-hued furniture, black towels and a refined menu of crepes with black caviar, fruits and cheese.

Ever since her twins were born in February, López and Marc Anthony have chosen to keep the family united and not allow work to get in the way of spending time together. In early April, the singer and her babies accompanied Marc to Venezuela, where he offered two concerts. Now it's J.Lo's turn!