Forget the tabloid buzz. confirmed that it's just another pregnancy tale about the singer
Jennifer Lopez

Once again, JLo is the subject of pregnancy rumors. This latest gossip surged to the scene a week ago, when the Puerto Rican artist debuted her new clothing line Justsweet, at New York's Fashion Week. At the show, the singer sported a loose-fitting green minidress – a piece from her collection – that heightened everyone's curiosity.

One U.S. tabloid reported that the also actress, 38, supposedly had an ultrasound on Sept. 12, which revealed that the wife of Marc Anthony, 39, is 12 weeks along. The publication also announced that the couple had engaged in a successful in vitro fertilization procedure a few months back. The source said the singers got the news during a visit to a gynecologist specializing in fertility, in Beverly Hills, CA. contacted the publicity agency of both artists, whose representatives completely denied the rumors, thus confirming that the Diva from the Bronx is not yet on the baby train.