The couple didn't announce the pregnancy at either of their Miamishows. Will they reveal that a baby's on the way at their finale performance?

Por Lena Hansen
Updated Noviembre 05, 2007
Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony and Jennifer López can't get enough of each other. After each singing for over an hour at a Miami performance, the”it” Puerto Rican couple came back on the stage for an encore, singing two duets…and we couldn't keep our eyes off them. Together, they ooze a playful sensuality (she dances provocatively around him, he tenderly caresses her nose) that's pure magic. They're the Sonny and Cher of the Latin pop world, bringing back a taste of the good old days with every performance.

Looking at them now, you'd think the two have been in love forever, but the ride to the chapel was a bumpy one. They first met in the late 90s while recording the hit duet “No me ames” (1999). Even though Marc was married to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, he couldn't help but notice the Bronx diva.

As he dedicated “You Sang to Me” to his wife, who was backstage, he remembered their first encounter: “I wrote this next song 10 years ago for a beautiful and sweet girl. I wrote it for her, she knows why, and now she is my wife.”

The last song of the evening was just as romantic. The couple met in the middle of the stage for an embrace and sang “Por arriesgarnos” (“For Risking Ourselves”), which is exactly what they've done. What was rumored to have started as a passionate affair has blossomed intothe solid marriage of an entrepreneurial powerhouse. The two now make music and movies together, and now maybe even a baby (even though they're still mum on the last one).

As JLo appeared on stage, the audience gasped at the sight of her growing belly, which she tried to camouflage in a loose Roberto Cavalli outfit. Pregnant or not, López always glows, but she looked happier than ever at the concert. She couldn't stop giggling or dancing. Still very active, she twirled around the stage with her hunky male dancers.

As she stood tens of feet off the ground on a rising platform, she looked like a goddess at the top of a mountain, which made everyone worry about a potential fall. “Ave María, she shouldn't get up there!” said a concerned fan, but the unstoppable artist (still wearing heels!) made it down safely and gracefully.

Although neither member of the pair commented on a visit from the stork, at one point López placed her hand just above her belly, resting it there for a few seconds, which incited some wild chit chat from her fans, who've followed the Marc-JLo romance like a telenovela from day one. Many fans thought the twosome would announce the pregnancy at one of their Miami shows, but that wasn't the case. Maybe they'll break the news on the last night of their tour on Nov. 10 in San Diego…