The businesswoman shares the meaning behind Honest Beauty’s newest haircare line and reveals the steps to achieving her signature beachy waves. 

Por Pilar Sopeséns
Updated Noviembre 15, 2016
Allen Berezovsky/WireImage for Fashion Media

Businesswoman and actress of Mexican descent Jessica Alba, who is featured on People en Español's 2016 Most Influential List, continues her commitment to natural products by expanding her Honest Beauty brand to include hair products. With the hair collections out now, Alba talks to us about the expansion and even reveals the steps to achieving her signature beachy waves.

Why did you decide to create the haircare line?

Haircare is a natural evolution for the brand. I believe that what we use on our hair is equally as important as what we put onto our skin and I felt there was a true need in the market for clean, safe haircare that really works. Honest Beauty haircare is rooted in the same core principles as Honest Beauty makeup and skincare. You shouldn't have to sacrifice performance to get products you trust.

What do you look for in hair products?

Whether I'm in the office or with my kids all day, I need products that really work. And if I have a spontaneous date night, I need products that smell good and can quickly transform me from day to night. Personally, I need products that hold a style all day from the office to photo shoots to the red carpet without making me compromise between looking and feeling good.

How was the process in creating each product?

The process started with my vision for what the products should be from packaging and performance to how they looked and smelled. It was a challenge to formulate with botanical ingredients and get the performance you expect from conventional ingredients. Our R&D and product development teams then went through a very rigorous ingredient selection process to develop the formulas, researching and vetting each one to ensure they met Honest Beauty's strict standards for safety and efficacy. We then tested the products on real people, including myself and the stylists I work with, like Jennifer Yepez, our haircare brand ambassador.

What aspect from the products was important to you?

The smell was also really important to me. When I was in Mexico with my family, our room was filled with essential oils of orange, myrrh and bergamot. I was so obsessed with how fresh, uplifting and sensual the space smelled that I brought some oils home to my team to inspire our own formulas. Now every time I use our products, it smells like vacay!

What's your favorite product from the collection?

My absolute faves are the Honest Beauty Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray at my roots and the Honestly Polished Dry Condition + Shine Serum on my ends. For everyday use, I stick with the Beyond Hydrated line of products because it keeps my hair so healthy-looking. When I'm coloring my hair, I go for the Truly Restored Line.

Could you tell us how to achieve your signature waves?

To get my waves, I shampoo my roots and condition the rest of my hair. When I'm out of the shower, I towel dry and spray Honest Beauty Moisture Milk Leave-In-Conditioner, which is amazing, and then I use our Honestly Uplifted Volumizing Spray and Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray. I shake dry my hair with a blow dryer. Then I take different size chunks and wrap my hair around a curling iron, leaving the ends out. I go different directions throughout my hair so the waves are a little messy and effortless.

What are your favorite tips for haircare?

My go to stylist and our amazingly talented Honest Beauty Haircare ambassador, Jennifer Yepez, always gives me great tips. These are just a few that have been especially helpful: (1) You have to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner. (2) Use shampoo only on my roots followed by conditioner on the ends. (3) Use a leave-in-conditioner every time you wash your hair and use a mask once or twice a week. (4) Always use a heat protector on your hair if you're doing any styling.

For what type of woman was Honest Beauty created?

Honest Beauty was created for a conscious, connected and confident woman. No matter her age, she has a lot of expectations for products that work, but not a lot of time to research and understand all of the ingredients that are on the label. She cares about what she consumes and she looks to brands that she can trust as her go-to (because she's always on-the-go)!

Why is it so important for you that the products don't contain harmful ingredients?

I have always had really sensitive skin. I have allergies and eczema so I can't use a lot of products out there. I need products that aren't going to irritate my skin. People are so conscious about what they eat and what they put in their body, but it's easy to forget that what we put on our skin is equally as important. Skin is our largest organ so it's super important to pay attention to the ingredients out there but with so much information it can be really confusing. Who has hours to spend researching their beauty? I wanted to simplify it for people, which is another reason I was so passionate about creating the brand.