The actress/singer is being sued for $5 million by a flight attendant who claims the actress' dog allegedly bit her on the leg during a private flight

By People Staff
June 30, 2008 01:10 PM

Jennifer López is in the doghouse these days after being sued by a flight attendant for $5 million dollars. According to flight attendant, Lisa Wilson, the actress’ German shepherd attacked her during a private flight from New York to California two years ago.”

Wilson claims the alleged dog attack caused her to fall to the ground injuring her back, which she says prevents her from now working.

Wilson’s $5 million lawsuit, filed in a Brooklyn, NY courthouse on Thursday, reportedly argues that Lopez is “absolutely liable for all injuries” and “should have known the dog had vicious propensities.”

López, who was last seen with her twins and husband Marc Anthony in Spain for one of his concerts, has not commented on the lawsuit.