Myrza Rodríguez, the sister of the Puerto Rican singer's mother, died of cancer

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 29, 2008

Sadness looms over Jennifer López's family due to the absence of the star's aunt, Myrza Rodríguez, who died at the age of 65 a few days ago, in New York, from ovarian cancer.

“Jennifer was preparing for this, but when it finally happened, she was destroyed, and with a sad heart, she's been leaning on her husband Marc Anthony for support”, said a member of the family to The National Enquirer.

Myrza, who was the sister of Guadalupe, JLo's mother, appeared to have been recuperating from her illness after 2005 when she received a six-week treatment at the Leonardis Klinik hospital in Germany. However, last December, the cancer came back and took a severe turn.

Family members have said that the Selena star was very close to her aunt and was especially worried this past February when she saw her debilitated condition firsthand during the baptism of her twin sons, Emme and Max, in New York.