July 31, 2008 11:00 AM

Jenni Rivera may not have showed up at her hearing earlier this week, but she’s determined to settle the matter of her alleged assault with the man who accused her of hitting him during one of her concerts.

“The lawyers are trying to settle this out of court. Everybody just wants money, and I can compromise about money–I won’t compromise my safetly–, but as people rise to the top, they try to take advantage of what they’ve got in the bank,” said the 39-year-old singer to the press.

El viernes pasado, la hermana de Lupillo Rivera no se presentó a una audiencia en la corte de Raleigh, en Carolina del Norte, localidad donde se registró el incidente, y la diligencia judicial fue pospuesta para el próximo 9 de septiembre.

Óscar Alexander Paz, the defendant who accused Rivera of hitting him with a microphone–after he came up on stage when she asked the person who had thrown a beer bottle at her to come up–claims he did so, not because he threw anything at her.

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