The wife of the assaulted fan says they're grateful to the singer; Rivera confirmed that she fully compensated them

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 26, 2008
Jenni Rivera
Credit: Isis Sauceda

After it was alleged that Jenni Rivera didn't live up to her agreement with Óscar Alexander Paz, the fan whom she assaulted with a microphone during a live performance comes out to defend his favorite singer. Last week, Cindy Paz the wife of the assaulted fan, said on live radio show in Los Angeles, that her and her family had received terrible treatment during the all-expense paid trip to see Rivera in concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. But Cindy, who was merely annoyed, doesn't hold any hard feelings towards the “Parrandera, rebelde y atrevida” singer. “My family and I are very grateful to Jenni [Rivera] because she brought us to her show,” said Cindy Paz. “How wouldn't I be grateful? My kids have never traveled before.”Rivera had flown the Paz family to see her live in concert, and Cindy wrote a letter to Rivera expressing her gratitude. “I wrote that letter from the heart. I was sincere in thanking Jenni for the experience.”The singer also compensated the family monetarily in order to settle the legal dispute out of court. “Yes, we came to an agreement,” said the singer. “I gave them excellent economic compensation for everything, on top of any medical expenses.”Now, Rivera awaits the release of her next album, due out in September.