Por Jorge Clar
Updated Septiembre 03, 2013
Jencarlos Canela, Isis Sauceda, Festival
Credit: Robin Jerstad/Invision for People Español/AP Images

Cuban-American singer Jencarlos Canela confessed himself onstage to Isis Sauceda, People en Español‘s Los Angeles bureau director, during an interview at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, part Festival People en Español's Sunday daytime activities.

The singer initially mentioned: “I'm proud to be Latino. I was born and raised in Miami, of Cuban parents. [This generation] has had it easier, whereas our parents faced discrimination and racism. We have to be proud of what our parents and grandparents achieved,” he said.

The 25-year-old, who is also an actor, revealed that his next single, which will be sung completely in English, will feature Pitbull as well as K.C. and the Sunshine Band, the '70s funk outfit responsible for hits like “Shake Shake Shake (Shake Your Booty).” Although he can't even reveal the chorus of the song, he assures us it's “crazy” good.

Canela said he is grateful for the opportunities in acting that have turned up throughout his career, like for example his TV projects, but confessed his first love is music. “Music has been my only constant, it's what I've done my entire life. Now we are demonstrating what we can do live with forthcoming album material. We've been working for a year and a half—I wanted no filler, a record that is listenable from beginning to end. People do not deserve filler,” the singer said.

The telenovela heartthrob said he's been singing since the age of seven, and grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, among others. He admires Juan Luis Guerra, who has inspired him for accomplishing the internationalization of the bachata (Dominican country music) genre. “Look at what he's achieved,” Canela said. “I am inspired a lot by people who think outside of the box.”

The singer also thanked his family and fans, who have “supported me since the beginning. My family is a fundamental part of what I do.”

He went on to say that what inspires him the most is “living. I believe a lot in the power of the now, in living in the moment. What you put out to life, you gain back 100 times over. If I don't feel what I'm writing or singing, I don't even do it.”

Canela said he was delighted to hear how during his Alamodome performance the previous night, the audience knew the lyrics to some of his songs…

Jencarlos' closeness to his fans is well documented. He has fan clubs in Morocco, India and New Caledonia, for example. “I want to share the message…this music… with the entire world,” he concluded.