Fresh out of Pecados ajenos and with a special part in Doña Bárbara, this gentleman, who has a role in a play in Miami and an album about to be released, confesses his infidelity ... and we just love it.

Por Andrés Martínez / NYC
Updated Agosto 13, 2008
Jencarlos Canela
Credit: Oswaldo Pisfil & Company Inc.

Simple, with a powerful voice, feeling blessed with the multiple projects he has rolling at the age of 19, Jencarlos Canela spoke with People En about the beginning of his career, his role in the telenovela Pecados ajenos and his dreams as an actor and singer.

The young Cuban-American also told us a little about his part in the play Miami Libre, in which –much like his own story–his character is a Cuban immigrant who dreams of becoming a singer. Plus he talks about his album with Ruddy Pérez and his great passion for life…and women.

Jencarlos, how did you start acting and singing?
Well, I started out as a singer. I sang for the first time in my backyard when I was 6-years-old. I remember my family sat there and everyone applauded, but as I rejoiced in the moment, I realized my parents had paid all those people to hear me sing. Though it was a terrible performance, everyone made me feel great. After that I made them enroll me in classes to learn how to act, dance, play the piano, sing, everything, to see what came out of it all.

Good things actually happened and you started out with the right foot in “Pecados Ajenos.” How did you feel about that?
When I taped the telenovela Pecados ajenos, it was my debut as a singer and actor and I am proud that it was sold in more than 25 countries with an incredible cast. I couldn't believe it and I feel very fortunate.

But that wasn't the end of it, and you also come out strong in music. How did the album go?
This has also been awesome. We made the recording with Ruddy Perez. It's finished and we are putting together a solid campaign that will launch with the single, “Tu veneno,” which was taped in six languages. I wrote two songs, worked a little on production, and I'm pleased to say we have a sound the Latin world has never had before. It's something unique, you'll see. Also, one of the songs is part of the movie The Perfect Game, [with Patricia Manterola] which premieres soon.

And what else have you got?
We're blessed with many projects. I just received the news of my next acting role in October in a Telemundo telenovela that will be a remake of the story Por qué diablos, which Manolo Cardona did in Colombia. I taped the pilot with Miguel Varoni and Aylín Mujica. I'm also acting in a play titled Miami Libre and it's been great.

What is your role in that play?
I play a young Cuban who has a passion for music and he dreams that he'll someday become known internationally for his songs. One day, when he realizes that it won't happen in his country because of the lack of opportunities and freedom, he says to himself, “No more,” and risks his life on a raft across the ocean to the United States, as thousands of other people have done. Then he begins his struggle to make his dreams come true.

What do you like most about this new role?
Well, it's been a marvelous experience. In Miami Libre I can combine all the things I like. I feel like a fish in the water, and the best thing is that, as a Latino, I like to tell a story that maybe many people don't know. Whether on a raft or by foot or through the desert, we pay a tribute to all immigrants who have come here to work and seek a better life, as well as those who remain in the ocean and never made it.

Well, besides work, tell your fans if you're committing any sins lately or if there's a girl who's captured your heart
Brother, please…we're so lucky that in this work there are so many women left and right, but right now I am single. I have my female friends. There is one friend, two friends I go out with and it's fun. But the truth is that my priority now is what I'm doing with my career, and if a woman is with me, she would have to understand that.

There are a lot of people who see you as a young sex symbol. Is that the way you feel?
(Laughs). It's flattering because if that's the way I'm seen, it means people like my physical appearance. But I honestly doubt it. I have a big nose and I don't really believe people will not see the bunch of flaws I have. Yet, if they don't see them, that's fine with me.

How do you like your women … mature?
Look, although Pecados ajenos may have given the impression that I like older women, the truth is that I don't have preferences. The important thing is that they win my heart and, well, of course I care about the physical part because I have to be sexually attracted. But what really matters for the long-term is what she has in her brains, in her soul, her intentions. I would like her to be authentic, sensitive to details and sexy.

Okay, Jencarlos, now, as a confession, tell our people something about you that you have never revealed publicly…
Wow. Something I've never revealed before? Let me think and see what I could say… Okay, I've never said this publicly, but here, in confidence, I will tell the people of I'll dare say it to see how your female audience reacts, but the truth is … I'm sorry … the thing is that no matter how much I try and the superhuman efforts I make, it's extremely difficult for me to be faithful. I have done it a couple of times, but it's really hard for me. I'm sorry.