The actor reveals how his native country treated him after winning an Oscar

By People Staff
September 09, 2008 01:00 PM

A sexy Javier Bardem graces the cover of the Fall 2008 Men’s Fashion Issue of New York Times‘ “T Magazine.” Almost one year after his award-winning role in No Country For Old Men, Javier dishes on how the Spanish treated him once he got an Oscar.

“The Spanish are tough. They criticize my work and say I sold out. You want to say, ‘Stop it — you’re a bunch of stupid people.’ But you are never going to be liked by everybody. After the Oscars, I came back to Madrid, where I live. I wanted to get back to the real world. After something like the awards, you’ve changed a little bit, but everyone around you has changed tremendously. You have to bring them back — you have to show that you are the same stupid, limited guy and not this kind of golden boy.”