The actor revealed he's very happy with his girlfriend Heidi Balvanera, and that his "biological clock" is ticking

By People Staff
February 05, 2008 01:05 PM

Jaime Camil is so in love with his girlfriend Heidi Balvanera that he already wants to enter daddyhood. At the presentation of the soap opera Las tontas no van al cielo (Televisa) in Mexico, the actor expressed his excitement at the possibility.

“I’m very happy with Heidi; we’ve been given a second chance. I don’t think that either of us regrets it – I hope she doesn’t –. I’m very happy,” he gushed. He also connected his role on producer Rosy Ocampo’s telenovela, in which he plays a doting father, to some hopes of his own. “I’m really enjoying playing a dad. As I’ve said before, my biological clock is telling me to have a family,” he told the local press.

Lucky for him, Camil isn’t the only one thinking about children. His girlfriend also revealed that she’d love to have kids with the actor. “Yes I’d like to, but don’t go thinking that I’m feeling pressured, because I’m not. Whatever happens, happens,” Balvanera told the show La oreja (Televisa). It looks like a visit from the stork might not be too far off in the future.