The actor told us what he's seeking in the woman of his dreams and the future mother of his children

Por Carole Joseph
Updated Mayo 04, 2007

Jaime Camil, the sought-after leading male in La Fea Más Bella (Univisión), confirmed to that he is single and ready to mingle after ending his relationship with actress Ilithya Manzanilla.

“For the time being, I'm on my own and very happy, enjoying this stage. I have many projects going on these days,” the actor, 33, confirmed.

The Mexican beau, who is extremely popular right now due to the high ratings of the novela in which he stars with Angélica Vale, described for us the woman of his dreams: “The perfect woman for me is one with whom you can talk a lot, who's cheerful, who complements me. Beauty, for me, will always be pushed into the background.”

Although he is a coveted bachelor once again, Camil may not be alone for long, since he told us he is eager to have kids soon.

“I see myself as a father soon. I want to be a young dad,” the heartthrob said.