The Mexican actor also joined a campaign to raise awareness about children from his country
Jaime Camil
Credit: NTX Fotos

Jaime Camil is working hard to be a responsible citizen, especially in regards to kids. The 34-year-old actor said he will soon create a foundation or charity house that will work for the rights of unprotected children in Mexico.

“I want to start my own foundation or charity organization that will benefit kids; I like the idea, but I don't know what direction to take it in, because more specifically I feel called to defend the rights of children,” the Mexican said.

In addition to his personal goals, the star of La fea más bella has already taken an important step in defending children's rights. Camil is a member of the UNICEF campaign Regalos de corazón (Gifts from the Heart). As part of the crusade, he and 10 other Mexican celebrities, among them the actress Jacqueline Bracamontes and the singer Julieta Venegas, have recorded a publicity announcement that the international organization will air in Mexico over the next few months in order to raise awareness about children's rights and to collect funds to help the less privileged.

“My endorsement will create an image that will promote the sale of products and the collection of funds, which will go to indigenous communities of Chiapas, especially to kids for their education,” he explained.

On Tuesday night, the UNICEF representative in Mexico, the Argentinean Susana Sottoli, formally kicked off sales of the products that the organization hopes to use to collect funds.