The sound of his upcoming CD is "very similar to Diana Krall's"

By Lena Hansen
Updated April 25, 2008

Jaime Camil continues to work diligently on new projects. Besides his role in the hit soap opera Las tontas no van al cielo (Silly Girls Don't Go To Heaven) by Televisa – where he leads the cast, along with Jacqueline Bracamontes and Valentino Lanús – Camil is working on a new pop ballad album. His third musical production will be titled Jaime Camil V3 and will be released this summer.

Argentinean composer Noel Scharis from the popular duo Sin Bandera will collaborate in the album, which will include 11 songs, a combination of covers and original songs.

“I wanted to record one of those albums that you listen to when you go on a road trip. One that goes around your CD player three times and you barely notice because you enjoy listening to it so much”, said the 34 year-old Mexican actor.

The album will also include a song composed by his mother, Brazilian painter and songwriter Cecila Saldanha Da Gama. “It's very similar to Diana Krall's sound, with double bass, piano and some violins”, he says.

His name will also be featured in the credits of two upcoming romantic comedies: A Propósito de Alexa (Hispana Producciones) and All Inclusive (Jazz Films).

In A Propósito de Alexa, a comedy similar to When Harry Met Sally, he plays a winemaker who lives in Baja California and – after a drunken night– wakes up one morning with a hangover and a girl he barely recognizes claiming to be his new wife!

In All Inclusive, Camil plays the excentric but charming Baldi, “a man from Yucatan who pretends he's French”. Baldi works in an all-inclusive resort in the Mayan Riviera and falls in love with a married woman who's at the resort vacationing with her family. He knows how to pick catchy scripts!