The actor decided to leave El diluvio que viene because of disagreements with the producer

By People Staff
December 18, 2007 03:40 PM

Actor Jaime Camil has left the Mexican play El diluvio que viene because of irreconcilable differences with producer Fela Fábregas, according to La oreja (Televisa). Reports inform that the 33-year-old star, who played Padre Silvestre in the show, was having problems with Fábregas because of the show’s technical flaws.

Camil explained that sound problems were constantly getting in the way of the show’s success, and not enough stress was put on fixing these errors. “We didn’t have a good sound engineer. It was a huge problem, and for an actor who does musical comedy, having good monitors and a good audio mix is essential,” the actor said of the primary motive behind his departure. Camil and Fábregas had had some disagreements beforehand, but the situation got even tenser on Friday when audio problems required the actor to force his voice, which gave him mild case of laryngitis that eventually hurt his performance.

After that incident, the actor his rep David West decided it would be best not to continue with the play. Camil thanked Fábregas for the opportunity to work with her, admitting that the show was a turning point for his career.