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After being banned for his negative comments about the president MegaTV, Bayly is back

September 10, 2008 02:10 PM

Jaime Bayly and MegaTV head honcho, Cynthia Hudson-Fernández, made their peace live on TV Tuesday night, after Fernández pulled the plug on the Peruvian’s show, Bayly (MegaTV), because of the malicious comments he made towards the president of the TV station, Raúl Alarcón Jr., whom he compared to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez for not increasing his salary. Así lo informa el sitio web del diario El Nuevo Herald.

While on-air the TV host addressed Alarcón Jr.: “You may have more money than me, congratulations. But I’ve written books that you haven’t. And what I respect is intelligence, wisdom, ideas, not money. Anybody can have money.”

On Tuesday, the writer said he felt “humiliated,” “sad,” and “dissillusioned” for having his show taken off the air, explaining that something like that has never happened to him in career, spanning 25 years.

Although sources say that Alarcón Jr. was the one who gave the green light for getting Bayly off the air, Hudson-Fernández assured that it was her decision. The executive called him “a spoiled kid” and reminded him that he was not supposed to speak publicly about his contract. She also noted that by pulling the plug on his program, “I was saving him from himself,” becasue “he’s his worst enemy.”

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