The actress had to put the telenovela Las estúpidas no van al cielo on hold

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 20, 2007

On Tuesday night, vomiting and abdominal pains forced Jacqueline Bracamontes to put shooting for Las estúpidas no van cielo (Stupid Girls Don't Go to Heaven) on hold. The actress stars in the telenovela with her boyfriend, Valentino Lanús.

“I felt awful. I was shivering and had a headache, but I just thought I ate something that didn't sit well,” Bracamontes told the program La oreja (Televisa). “I kept feeling bad; I actually almost fainted when they were doing my makeup.”

After a trip to the hospital, the actress was diagnosed with salmonella, a bacteria that attacks the stomach and is transmitted through contaminated food and drink. She was given saline and was under medical supervision.

The daughter of former soccer trainer Jesús Bracamontes seemed to be more concerned with work than her health. “I was really busy with the show because I had all those scenes yesterday, so I said, ‘the show had to stop for me.'” To calm the actress down, telenovela producers Lalo Meza and Rosy Ocampo told her that her well-being is more important than the job.

Bracamontes took a moment to clarify that there is nothing going on between her and her colleague Jaime Camil, who also has a role on the show and has been linked romantically to the actress lately. “No, no, not at all. He's a really good friend. We get along really well,” she said.