The mom-to-be's father said on Escándalo TV (Telefutura) that he has two grandkids on the way

By People Staff
February 05, 2008 05:00 PM

Break out the matching onesies! Jennifer López will have not one, but two babies! The singer’s father, David López, has announced that his daughter is having twins.

“Yes, twins. The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it’s a hereditary thing,” the grandpa-to-be said in an interview on the show Escándalo TV (Telefutura). When asked how he felt about the big news, López expressed his happiness for his famous daughter. “I’m very proud. Jennifer has yearned to be a mother for many years,” he said.

With the 38-year-old singer’s due date getting closer and closer, her dad says he already has gifts ready for the babies. “In Puerto Rico it’s custom to buy an azabache [black stone] bracelet for babies to protect them from the evil eye, it’s part of our culture,” he explained. What Mr. López didn’t reveal was the sex of the babies, but we’ll find out soon enough. Congratulations, Marc and Jennifer!