The singer told us about their relationship, his weight problem and his relationship with the press

By People Staff
Updated January 25, 2008 03:00 PM

Judging by the way they were acting at the Smithsonian Latino Center's Thursday night event in New York, it was obvious that Alejandro Sanz and his former assistant Raquel Pareda have more than a professional relationship. But even though photographers had been catching the two acting lovey dovey for some time now, their romance still hadn't been confirmed…until now.

And it was Pareda who dished the news to us! When asked if she was his publicist, she answered: “No, his girlfriend.” And when we finally got to chat with the 39-year-old singer, he told us that “everything's going amazingly” in his relationship and he's “happy,” but didn't offer any further details.

We took advantage of our time with the Spanish artist to pick his brain about rumors of his weight gain and alcohol abuse. “It makes me feel like they don't have any idea what they're talking about. I'm an artist, so judge me by my art, not by what happens to me. I'm a human being and I have my own problems,” he stressed.

We also asked the “Corazón partío” singer how he felt about being named the least-friendly artist with the press by the Latin American Association of Entertainment Journalists. “If they're saying that it's because I deserve it. Above all, the people who decide those things, I don't know, I guess that since I don't play their game, or maybe they just don't like what I do, how I am. [But] that type of press doesn't matter to me, go ahead and give me that prize,” he responded, adding that if he could give them a title, he'd call them “the meanest press.”

Sanz is now coming up on the last leg of his El tren de los momentos tour, which he'll perform tonight at New York's Madison Square Garden, and later in Boston, Atlanta, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The singer reminded us that as soon as he finishes up his shows, he'll hit the stage for the ALAS foundation concert benefiting children in Latin America. The concert with take place on May 17 in various cities at once, “although I'm of the opinion that it would be better to just do one, and do it right.”

After that important event, the artist is planning on producing an album for singer Sara Vega, sister of Spanish actress Paz Vega, whom Sanz says “sings very well.”