The actress says her life won't be complete until she adopts a child

By People Staff
April 16, 2007 05:00 PM
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Penélope Cruz is seriously thinking about motherhood, and apparently she plans to follow on the footsteps of fellow actresses Angelina Jolie and Madonna. The Spanish movie star said she wants to have both biological and adopted children.

“Of course I want kids. I want to have my own, but I also want to adopt. I’ve long felt that my life won’t be whole if I don’t adopt,” said Cruz, 32, in an interview published in a Spanish-language magazine.

On whether or not she already has a father in mind for her children, Pé said she’s still single and refused to provide any additional tidbits about her love life. “In previous interviews I’ve talked about my work, but the story has only focused on my private life,” she said. “I won’t fall for that again.”

The Volver star has not confirmed any romances since the break up of her relationship with American actor Matthew McConaughey last year, but recently confirmed that she, in fact, is dating actor Josh Hartnett. Will he be The One? Only time will tell.