The Mexican actress said no to Carmen Salinas' offer to come back to the play

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 07, 2007
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Now that Edith González is leaving Aventurera (again), rumors about who will take her place in the Mexican play have been flying. Carmen Salinas and the Vallejo sisters, the show's producers, gave Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral a special invitation to come back to the musical, but she turned them down.

“Thank you very much for the invitation, but my time in Aventurera has passed. That's why I took on the role of Frida for 2008,” Cantoral said. Frida, un canto a la vida was canceled for financial reasons just two weeks about its premiere. “I believe I have an obligation to get the show back on, even though it was sabotaged by a man who regretted investing his money in that play,” the 32-year-old actress admitted.

Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that on top of being offered the Aventurera role, Itatí also has two film projects lined up for 2008. She's also planning her wedding with Colombian producer Carlos Alberto Cruz.