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Isabel Pantoja
Credit: getty images

RECOVERED After having gone through a scare due to a rise in sugar level, singer Isabel Pantoja is recovering at home. The artist was discharged from the hospital where she was admitted at the weekend after medical tests determined that she showed a “metabolically unbalanced symptoms due to a severe rise in blood-sugar.” Now, the only thing left is to rest and be careful with her diet.

AGAIN George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will return to be together on the big screen. The trio will return to get together in Ocean's 13, the third part of the saga directed by Steven Soderbergh. Film production will begin in the summer of 2007, and to the surprise of many, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones will not be part of the cast. “It is because of the script. We didn't have a way to use a talent like theirs, two such big stars,” explained the producer Jerry Weintraub. He will have to be content with Brad and George.

GOOD NEWS Two years after the municipality of San Pedro revoked the permit to construct his house in the Valle de San Ángel district, Gustavo Ángel, member of Los Temerarios, obtained a victory due to help from the Mexican State Commission of Human Rights, which made a couple of recommendations to the City Council. “They have ten days to comply with the recommendations. It is not mandatory for the authority, however, it is an autonomous agency that enables citizens to have another reference point,” the artist's attorney explained after indicating that the situation ought to be resolved within at most five months.