For the first time, presents the new single from the operatic pop group

Por David Caplan
Updated Octubre 24, 2008
Credit: SONY

Il Divo, the pop opera group created by Simon Cowell, releases its fifth album La promesa on Nov. 18, and People En exclusively presents their single “Aleluya”, one of their Spanish songs.

Click here to listen to “Aleluya”

The group consists of David Miller, from the U.S.; Sebastien Izambard, of France; Urs Bühler, from Switzerland, and Carlos Marin, of Spain. They will sing “Amazing Grace” this Friday on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and will soon announce tour dates for their 2009 tour.

“People are going to be surprised by the album. Our goal was to elaborate on a fresh sound and try different things,” said Miller. “We still hold true to our old canons and fireworks, but there's a bit more variety and color.

The group has sold 22 million copies of their album, thanks to producer Cowell, who says the “Il Divo is probably now one of the most successful music groups of in the world.”