Credit: Ralf Lutter/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Looking back at your childhood can be fun so imagine how we felt when we came upon this Instagram page entitled “All Things 90's.” You will probably scroll for hours in nostalgia resulting in regrams of your favorite posts. The page covers everything from music to television to video games. We decided to take you down memory lane with some of our favorites:

Remember Christina Aguilera's sexy ‘Genie in a Bottle' video?

Remember the gagdets and toys that everyone loved to show off at school?

Remember the significance of channel 3?

Remember how our parents watched Sabado Gigante while we watched All That?

Remember the infamous Bop It commercials?

Remember how we didn't have Apple music to listen to songs?

Remember every time Steve got a letter?

Remember dancing around your house to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom?

Remember all your go-to foods and activities when you got home from school?

And who could forget NSYNC?