Kat Von D
Credit: Damian Shaw/Newspix/Getty Images

With 1.6 million followers on her beauty account and 4.2 million followers on her personal, Kat Von D knows a thing or two about social media. The tattoo artist has built a loyal following, which has helped transform her makeup business into cult-status. Kat Von D shares with us how she has been able to gain online fans and what she's doing next for them.

Growing Up Different

“You don't feel a sense of belonging when you don't look really like everyone else in school. Now, I look back and I'm like ‘thank God that I went against it' because I'm happy with the way I turned out. Feeling like an individual is something that's really important and will always be very important to me.”

Staying Unique

“I have looked at other makeup brands on social media but I don't follow any of them because I feel that it could be influential in some way. I don't ever want to do that. I think it's important to not copy each other, and not accidently be influenced in any way.”

Personal Touch

“If you haven't had the chance to look at the Kat Von D beauty instagram, I take so many painful hours to compose that just so that it's so perfect and that when you scroll through it, it actually has a color story. This ombre-rainbow radiation that happens. I think it's better than just reposting people just for the sake of getting more followers. I think it's important that when you put things out there that it effectively inspires people because then what's the point of doing anything?”

Online Community

“I've been working with my digital team to create a forum for not just Kat Von D Beauty fans but for artists in general. Without giving too much away, that's in the works. Everything from the programming to the digital side of it to the actual socializing side of it, it's been taking a long time but I think it's actually worth it when that launches.”

Favorite Instagram Accounts

“I read an article that if you follow more than 150 people, you're not actually able to see what people are posting because that's too many… your mind can't retain all that stuff so I try to keep mine close to 100 or under. I don't really follow my friends, I follow my friends on Twitter to see what they're up to. On Instagram, if it's on my feed, I want it to be something that inspiring or that's going to bring me some form of inspiration. I follow a lot of painters, a lot of independent designers, just people that make things with their hands. My most recent following acquisition is an account called Art Garments and they post detailed shots of fashion based off of paintings.”